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antha® Leakproof Underwear

antha® Leakproof Underwear

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 ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ  Stay leak-free and confident in public!

 •ᴗ•   Comfier than itchy pads or inserts.

Embrace Freedom from Incontinence.

🩲 Say goodbye to leaks and discomfort with antha® Leakproof Underwear

🌊 Triple-layer absorption technology keeps you dry all day, equivalent to 2-3 tampons' worth of liquid.

👙 Versatile for everyday wear, providing both incontinence and period protection.

🤫 Discreet and comfy, no one will know you're wearing leakproof underwear.

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No More Leaks, No More Worries!

With antha® Leakproof Underwears, you can finally say goodbye to embarrassing leaks and uncomfortable pads.

These high-waisted panties feature triple-layer absorption technology, equivalent to 2-3 tampons' worth of liquid, ensuring you stay dry all day long.

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Prevents leaks from soaking through

✅  Washable & Reusable

✅  Put an end to your concerns about smell.

Discreet and comfortable leak protection.

✅  Soft and breathable material

Customer Love: Real Stories, Real Relief

Join thousands of satisfied customers who have experienced life-changing relief with LeakProof Panties. 

Don't let leaks control your life, reclaim your confidence with antha® Leakproof Underwear!

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How do I choose the right size?

Watch our quick Sizing Chart to find your perfect fit.

Can I use these panties for periods and incontinence?

Absolutely! Panties provide both period and incontinence protection.

Are they discreet under clothing?

Yes, the seamless design ensures they are discreet and undetectable under your clothes.

How many panties come in one pack?

Each pack includes 5 high-waisted LeakProof Panties.

Are they easy to wash? Will they stain?

Yes! LeakProof Panties are both machine washable and dryer friendly. They wash up easily, just like the day you got them, and they won't stain.

How much of the underwear is leakproof?

Panties provide full leakproof coverage where you need it, ensuring no leaks ever get through.

Do they make any sounds when walking?

No, they don't! Panties are designed to be discreet and quiet, just like "regular" underwear.

How absorbent are they? Are they fully leakproof?

Panties are highly absorbent, perfect for light to medium incontinence, holding up to 4 teaspoons of liquid, and they never let any of it through.