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AquaPulse HydroBoost

AquaPulse HydroBoost

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💨 Invigorating Pressure

🚿 Spa-like Retreat

💆‍♂️ Healthy Hair & Skin

Experience the Ultimate Hydrotherapy: 🌪️🌊

💦 Transform your daily shower into a rejuvenating spa-like retreat with AquaPulse HydroBoost, the world's newest high-pressure shower head designed to deliver an unparalleled bathing experience.

🚿 Enjoy a vigorous and invigorating shower that revitalizes your body and soul with AquaPulse HydroBoost's powerful hydro jet propulsion.

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200% increase in water pressure

Eliminates up to 98% of harmful bacteria and chemicals.

✅  Unique Jet Spray Pattern

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Indulge in Luxury:  Experience a gentle yet invigorating jet spray pattern that pampers your skin and leaves your hair healthier and more vibrant with every use.

Pure, Refreshing WaterReduce your water bill while enjoying clean, fresh water with AquaPulse HydroBoost's hydrodynamic water flow system and 100% PP cotton water purifying filter, eliminating up to 98% of harmful bacteria and chemicals.

  Unmatched Performance: AquaPulse HydroBoost Leaves Competitors Behind!

What's included

1x Durable ABS Plastic: Resists Rust AquaSpa ProJet shower head.

Complimentary Cotton Filter: 100% PP, Ensuring Clean Water!

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How often should I replace the water filter?

The water filter should be replaced every 2-4 months for optimal performance.

Does AquaSpa ProJet fit all standard shower fittings?

Yes, AquaSpa ProJet is designed to fit all standard shower fittings.

Can I install AquaSpa ProJet myself?

Absolutely! AquaSpa ProJet is easy to install without the need for professional assistance.

Does it work with low water pressure?

AquaSpa ProJet is specifically designed to boost water pressure, making it ideal for low-pressure systems.

Is AquaSpa ProJet suitable for hard water?

Yes, the built-in water purifying filter helps eliminate harmful substances, making it suitable for hard water areas.

How can I clean AquaSpa ProJet?

Simply remove the shower head and rinse it with warm water to keep it clean and functioning optimally.